LOWA History

100 years of LOWA

Our history

Lorenz Wagner, the son of the shoemaker Johann Wagner, estab­lished the LOWA company in 1923 in placid Jetzendorf, a town north of Munich.

He spent days and months working on lasts, models and soles. His work laid the foundation for the future successes of the company.

But the company’s 100-year history was not always marked by good times. LOWA faced tremendous chal­lenges partic­ularly during the 1950s, chal­lenges that Sepp and Berti Lederer, Lorenz Wagner’s daughter, successfully overcame.

A new era began in the early 1990s. It marked a turning point in the company’s history and made LOWA what it is today: one of the world’s leading makers of outdoor footwear.

The next generation Sepp and Berti Lederer

Good and bad fortune were walking hand in hand when the former apprentice Josef Lederer, nicknamed Sepp, returned to LOWA. The company had run into economic problems, and Lorenz Wagner, the head of the company and its founder, had died. At the same time, Sepp fell in love with Berta Wagner and married her. Together with Berta’s brother, Josef Wagner, the new generation managed to save the company and turn it into an inter­na­tionally known and successful brand.

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LOWA History

80 countries In the world

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LOWA shoes are exported today to 80 countries around the world. Since the 1950s, major inter­na­tional moun­taineers have worn LOWA footwear. The company’s inter­na­tional business oper­ations began in the 1970s in Switzerland, Austria, the United States and Japan. Every country has its own LOWA story – and its own LOWA collection.