Mountain Schools

Sharing a zeal for the mountains, conducting guided tours and offering regular courses – mountain schools do all these things. Every single person should have a great time in the mountains during outings led by well-trained guides.

The mountain guides of our mountain school partners all have many years of experience, know the local area like the backs of their hands and have a thorough knowledge of safety standards. These mountain schools are also distin­guished by their profes­sional planning and organ­isation, realistic destin­ations, a pace and performance level that is adapted to the needs of the particular group involved, manageable group sizes and on-site first-aid for emer­gencies.


Alpinschule Augsburg

We are mountain guides for two reasons: passion and conviction. Our mission is to provide profes­sional assistance to our customers, helping them to turn their mountain dreams into realities and enjoy the best-possible package of service. We continuously hunt for new oppor­tunities and chal­lenges far off the beaten path. We create unfor­gettable mountain exper­iences by offering small groups and a flexible programme that we adapt to weather conditions and the mental and physical fitness of our customers. Our programme covers both alpine training and classic guided tours and trips to the mountains of the world.

Alpinschule Augsburg
Achen­feldstr. 24
82467 Garmisch-Parten­kirchen
Telephone: +49 179 6985321


Sharing exuberance about the mountains with others – that is our mission in life at berg­, or “mountain guide”. Meticulous planning, optimal execution and indi­vidual support – this is our formula for creating your perfect adventure in the mountains. Our work is shaped not only by our nearly 20 years of experience in all aspects of mountain guiding, but also by our tremendous passion and down-to-earth way of thinking.

Steinberg 225
6215 Steinberg am Rofan
Image photo with the ALPINE PRO GTX, Zugspitze via Höllental

Die Bergführer

At “Die Bergführer”, or “the mountain guides”, the vocation is still a passion. We share this passion about the mountains with our guests during chal­lenging guided private tours and in our regular course offerings. As moun­tain­eering profes­sionals, we respond to the needs of our guests and form high-performance teams in which we scale the summit together and discover something new. We reach our destin­ations together.

Der Bergführer
Hauptstraße 20
82441 Ohlstadt
Telephone: +49 8841 6270852
Ralf Dujmovits Fotos unterwegs

Top Mountain Tours

We know the most rewarding destin­ations and routes on all continents of the world. Günther Härter, the owner and director of Top Mountain Tours, has been exploring through the world’s mountains for 40 years now – as a mountain climber, guide and trip organiser. In addition to mountains, our name reflects our commitment to providing top tours. One reason that we can offer such good value for the money is our excellent under­standing of the regions where we work. In addition, we use a lean company structure. When you travel with us, you pay for the trip, not the admin­is­tration. Our philosophy is also defined by our commitment to paying fair wages to local residents, guides and porters, regardless of the country where they live.

Top Mountain Tours
Glattbacher Str. 11
64686 Lautertal
Telephone: +49 8151 4441914
Image photo with the MT. EXPERT GTX EVO, Pressebilder


VIVALPIN stands for moun­tain­eering expertise, experience and quality. In addition to the know-how and skills of its moun­tain­eering school directors, its mountain guides and the entire team, VIVALPIN represents more than 30 years of experience in the world’s mountains as well as a compre­hensive range of course and lead­ership programmes, all of which are subject to strict quality management. On behalf of its customers, VIVALPIN also stands for innovative programmes, envir­on­mentally conscious and socially sustainable projects and long, fair collab­oration with its partners.

Hinden­burgstraße 14
82467 Garmisch-Parten­kirchen
Telephone: +49 8821 9430323