Walking with a dog in autumn and winter Walking the dog

Tipps für Gassigeher im Herbst

As the year shifts into its twilight stage and the warm sun of autumn slowly gives way to the chilly days of November, the sofa season of life begins for many people. It is that time of year for a cup of tea, a warm blanket and cosy afternoons and evenings sitting in front of the telly. It all could be oh-so relaxing – if it were not for that pair of saucer-shaped eyes that are eyeing you, so doggedly, with a trace of reproach from the hallway. Once a cool, moist nose pushes the remote or your favourite thriller from your hand, you know that you will have to surrender: Your dog wants to go outside.

It’s now time to throw off the wool blanket and slip on a func­tional jacket, to kick off your house shoes and head out into the pleasures of nature. Around 10 million dog owners in Germany share your fate several times a day. The worse the weather outside is, the more pleasure that Fido, Lassie and friends seem to take in walking in it. For this reason, anyone who has roamed across neigh­bourhood fields and woods has already learned one lesson: Tough, robust and completely weatherproof footwear is a must here.

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Tipps für Gassigeher im Herbst

Preparation for the activity Be conspicuous

Thick banks of fog and early sunsets are just two char­ac­ter­istics of the dark time of year. During this season, you must ensure that you and your four-legged friend are as noticeable as possible. Reflectors on your clothing, head lamps and small blinking lights will provide real protection for both, you and your dog. Reflecting collars, lighted harnesses and leashes to which small blinking lights can be attached should round out your safety equipment.

Image photo with the RENEGADE GTX MID Ws, Tipps für Gassigeher im Herbst

On the go Paw protection in winter

Falling temper­atures also signal the return of road salt and similar ice-fighting products. This can quickly become a problem for the paws of dogs that spend a lot of time in urban areas. A dog’s paws should be checked and cleaned (with warm, soap-free water) after a walk. Afterwards, they should be thor­oughly dried. Vaseline, bag balm or a special salve can be used to treat dry, rough paws. Mois­turised paw pads are also more resistant to cold, salt and the penet­ration of stone chippings and foreign bodies. If your dog has an abundance of hair between its paw pads, the hair should be cut regularly with a rounded pair of scissors. This will reduce the chance of dirt and chunks of ice becoming trapped between the paw pads.

Tipps für Gassigeher im Herbst

On the go Warmth for the dog and its owner

Many popular breeds of dogs grow a thick coat during the freezing season of the year to provide protection against the cold, wind and rain. But this is not the case for all dogs by far! Just like people, you will find a “chilly willy” or two here. Dogs will generally let you know when they have gotten too cold outside. If your pet regularly casts a reproachful look at you while standing rigidly in the hallway, you may want to invest in a source of warmth like a dog blanket to ensure that walks remain fun in the autumn and winter.

Tipps für Gassigeher im Herbst

On the go Have towels on hand

November, in particular, is well known for its downpours. You can handle these wet times easily if you are snugly wrapped in func­tional clothing, a scarf and a cap. But problems can arise when it’s time to head home with your ecstatic, but dripping four-legged friend. Happy is the person who plans in advance and covers all stra­tegically important places like home entrances and the boot of his or her car with a layer of towels to provide “first aid”. The car and home will thank you.

Tipps für Gassigeher im Herbst

On the go Thought­fulness

In addition to sunny, mild days and snow-filled fun, autumn and winter are full of grey, unpleasant weather and slush-littered walks. Please remember that conspicu­ousness always has to function in both directions. But because not all people are so conscientious, you should always keep an eye on your four-legged companion and keep it on a leash. With a little mutual consid­eration, most unpleasant occur­rences and situ­ations can be avoided.